Complex Care



Chronic illnesses and disabilities require complex treatment plans. These can range from disabilities which originated at birth or during childhood to neurodegenerative diseases and other age-related conditions. The type of support individuals with chronic conditions need is complex by nature and requires a specialized solution.

Complex care made simple: We provide the individual, their caregiver or clinician, and their medical organizations the ability to consistently measure, adjust, and improve their level of care through collaboration.

Mozzaz Corporation seeks to support your healthcare needs by giving you the tools to raise the standard of care you receive or are delivering to your loved one or care recipient. These solutions run on nearly any device and can be accessed anywhere, any time.




Developmental Disabilities

Individuals with developmental disabilities often need assistance with daily living tasks such as communication, visual schedules, reminders, and learning supports. Mozzaz’ TalkingTiles enables care providers to deliver personalized care plans directly to their mobile device or PC that are tailored to the individual’s capabilities and skill level. Content can be optimized for the individual’s needs by adjusting page and tile layouts, eye-tracking software, and other technology peripherals.

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Learning Disabilities

Our Complex Care Solutions deliver interactive and engaging learning experiences for students with learning disabilities. Individualized educational activities can be easily created by teacher and therapists alike, based on pictures, video, and audio content to create personalized learning plans. Using data capturing and scoring is easy and can be used to measure progress for each student as they interact with the pages, tiles, and assistive technology we offer.

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Brain Injury/Aging & Neurodegenerative Diseases

Individuals with brain trauma injuries and Neurodegenerative Diseases such as stroke or ALS often require complex care. Mozzaz enables care professionals to create and deliver personalized care plans that support an individual’s cognitive learning, communication skills, and memory retention. Our solutions automatically capture data and monitor progress which allow the care provider to easily measure outcomes and goals.


Reference: National Institute on Aging



Residential Care

Individuals living in residential care facilities are typically receiving support from a dedicated and diverse team of care providers. Our solutions allow Complex Care plans to be implemented, monitored, and adjusted seamlessly by any caregiver with access to the account. Mozzaz’ solutions put the individual at the centre of their care circle. Their care team can then program schedules, notifications, and reminders for day-to-day tasks. This enables an individual to be as independent as realistically possible, while the care team is able to track their progress remotely to ensure the individual is meeting their goals.

Reference: National Institute on Aging 



Psychological & Behavioral Disorders

Mozzaz Care supports personal development for individuals with psychological and behavioral needs through our patient-centric approach to Complex Care. Frequent monitoring and adjusting of care plans for these individuals ensures they are receiving the best possible care as well as a plan that is right for them.