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Lifetiles is an app that helps patients manage their self-care, therapy and daily support needs as a part of their personal treatment plans. Through this app healthcare providers can deliver personalized interventions and self-help content based on a patient's care plan, keeping them active and engaged in treatment. Real-time messaging and data collection helps care providers monitor patient activity for progress tracking, care plan compliance and safety. This keeps patients constantly connected to their care teams, allowing for continuous care and support.

Benefits for Care Recipients:

  • Personalized interventions and support content tailored to a patient's needs.
  • Convenience and safety through continuously monitored care.
  • Access to care and support anywhere and anytime through their iPhone.

Benefits for Caregivers and Providers:

  • Efficient care delivery through remote care planning and treatment programming.
  • Save time through automatic data collection and reporting of treatment outcomes.
  • Enchance productivity with ready-made care plan content and activities.

App Features:

  • Personalized care plan interventions and support content.
  • Scheduled events with reminders (i.e. medication reminders, exercise alerts).
  • Customized forms for self-assessments and surveys.
  • Support for web links including social media and YouTube.
  • Automatic sync of content and data.
  • Real-time collection of app usage data and data collected in forms.

Lifetiles is part of the Mozzaz solution to help individuals with complex care needs, including people with intellectual disabilities, developmental advisability, behavioral and mental health disorders, long-term care needs and home-care support.

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