ReThink Pain with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Pain Management

October 07

I love research that can drive practical health outcomes to the general public. One interesting initiative being sponsored by the California Healthcare Foundation is using online cognitive behavioral therapy for managing and overcoming pain due to health issue.


ReThink Pain


“Chronic pain affects about 100 million American adults — more than those affected by heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. Despite treatments that include surgery, medication, rehabilitative and physical therapy, and complementary and alternative approaches, many people with chronic pain will never recover to the point where they are pain free.”


ReThink Pain 2


Research is showing that teaching patients how to cope with their personal responses to pain can help minimize pain's impact on their activities of daily living. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a psychotherapeutic approach that teaches techniques for recognizing and restructuring negative thoughts and behaviors, has been successfully used to help chronic pain sufferers in group and individual settings. CBT shows patients how to handle the social and psychological aspects of chronic pain, including depression, anger, and anxiety, while developing self-management skills like activity scheduling and good sleep habits to manage symptoms. The challenge in delivering CBT for chronic pain by therapists has limited availability to patients due to cost, provider availability, and reimbursement issues. To increase access to the psycho-educational aspects of CBT for chronic pain sufferers, CHCF is looking to mobile health and health IT to make it more accessible and timely.

Read more: California Healthcare Foundation

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How Mozzaz Care PRO Helps

occupational therapist


An OT working in a hospital rehab clinic manages their case load through the clinic’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system including client in-take, appointments, billing, assessments, and care planning. The hospital uses Mozzaz Care PRO to deliver care plans on tablets for the patients and allow efficient remote monitoring and adjusting through the Mozzaz Portal. Care plans are created through the EHR and seamlessly delivered to Mozzaz Care PRO on a tablet device for the patient to use to enhance his/her own therapy regime.


psychiatrist care plan


Patients are regularly discharged from regional mental health facilities to a residential setting, but still require on-going care and support in order to lead a successful life. Ensuring that these plans of care are being followed and outcomes are being met is crucial to success. The State facility will then use Mozzaz Care PRO for an ease of transition of care as well as remote monitoring of patient engagement. Since the patient has been using Mozzaz Care for therapy and communication, their content and care plan will already be accessible to them as they transition from one facility to another and then eventually into the community, ensuring the continuity of care and remote patient monitoring.


enabling accountable care


With the push for transition of care from clinical to residential settings, ensuring continuous, integrated and monitored care plans are key components for delivering accountable care. Mozzaz Care PRO supports care coordination through secure cloud services and integration to case management and EHR systems with data captured from the patient’s device at the point-of-care. Administrators can log into the Mozzaz Portal and view a patient’s care plan as well as compliance and outcomes.



Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration


Mozzaz Care extends the reach of existing clinical management systems with interactive solutions that engage the consumer in their daily care based on their clinical assessments and care plans. Mozzaz Care provides a platform that can integrate into existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and information exchanges securely and privately.