2015: The Year of the Consumer

March 20

We do a lot of monitoring of and writing in the healthcare and patient empowerment space here on the Mozzaz blog; so, when we came across an article detailing how customer service in 2015 is going to be the best year for consumers, ever, we couldn’t ignore it.

The article, which details five ways customer service is set to ‘explode’ in 2015, talks about how customers are no longer going to wait on brands to give them the information they need. Rather, people are looking for ways to rapidly acquire the information they want from their favourite brands by using channels of communication available through their smartphone.

2015 The Year of the Consumer 1

What does this mean for healthcare? Well, it’s not a stretch to imagine that people with chronic conditions are still doing everyday things like shopping – so it’s also safe to assume that these people are using their devices to seek empowerment.

If brands are ramping up to give customers the tools they need to make informed decisions then healthcare better take notice; people know what they deserve and they’re willing to go to your competitors to get it.

2015 The Year of the Consumer 2

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How TalkingTiles is Helping

nonverbal boy


An individual is able to effectively communicate his/her wants, needs, and emotions through the augmentative and assistive (AAC) capabilities of TalkingTiles on their device. Parents/Caregivers are able to program their loved one’s pages from ready-made content available through the Mozzaz Portal.

A boy can select a boy’s voice while a girl can select a girl’s voice or vice-versa for better response and a more appropriate experience.


special education


Parents/Caregivers can grant access to the data being tracked to the individual’s many care providers: a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), a Cognitive Behavior Therapist (CBT), or a Special-Ed Teacher, all whom support several children at any given time effortlessly using Mozzaz Care to monitor, adjust, and refine each individual’s care plan.


voice banking


TalkingTiles has voice banking which allows an individual to record their own voice as well as their caregiver’s voice. For example, an individual with ALS can record themselves and store the audio clips for use after they lose the ability to speak.


Mozzaz Gives Back!

Working together with the Dell Healthcare team and Give Forward, Mozzaz provided LEEP Forward, a centre for children with autism in Chicago, Illinois, 12 Dell tablets set up with TalkingTiles accounts. Watch as the children's first experience with TalkingTiles.