Welcome to the New Mozzaz!

September 26

It’s exciting to see how a vision can start to come together with hard work, sweat, commitment and passion! Mozzaz delivers a solution that helps individuals every day. Today we are proud to unveil our new website with our new messaging, branding and Mozzaz Care product line that delivers:   “Patient-centric solutions to help individuals with complex healthcare needs live a better quality of life.”  In early 2013 we launched TalkingTiles, our first “assistive care” app primarily helping those with a speech or communication disorder express themselves through AAC (augmentative & alternative communication).

Tens of thousands of downloads later and through some amazing success stories, we now launch Mozzaz Care – an app that includes TalkingTiles AND a new Activity Scheduling application all in one.

  Key new features include:

• Capturing usage data on every Tile and Page click ie. how often does the individual click on a certain tile or page

• Scheduling visual activities with automatic reminder notifications-ie. reminding the individual to take their medication

• Creating your own observations with questions and answers including: multiple choice, single choice, Yes/No, a rating slider and a text box for typing in notes     so you can create and measure tasks related to a specific individual

• A new Mozzaz Care Portal for managing your clients and their accounts

• And a new and improved user interface for a simpler user experience   Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting various tips’n’tricks. Also, keep an eye out for our new set of video tutorials that will demonstrate all of these great features and how they’re being used in practice.