The 2015 Strategy & Innovation Institute hosted by Open Minds

June 25

From June 16th-18th, Open Minds Strategy hosted the 2015 Strategy & Innovation Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sammy Wahab, CEO and Founder of Mozzaz Corporation, walked away with many new market insights.

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One of his biggest take-ways was that reimbursements to provider organizations will require proof of return across all payers; including commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid. The institute focused on payer preference for coordinated care. Another point made was that organizations need to make sure they are maintaining a competitive “value equation” ̶ in other words, getting the bang for their buck ̶ in terms of cost vs. quantity. The technology being implemented must not only create an advancement in the care continuum, but generate a return that’s greater than the cost of carrying out the technological advancement. The final take-way from the institute highlighted how new service lines emerging will all involve “care management”, meaning patients will become actively involved in their own care. “There was an increased emphasis on community based and coordinated care,” Wahab stated regarding the presentation.

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He had plenty to walk away with, but major emphasis was placed on containing costs and providing more care across medical, behavioral, and social health sectors. More information on the 2015 Strategy & Innovation Institute can be found on the Open Minds website.