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From August 8th-10th, MaRS Discovery District will be hosting Toronto’s Accessibility Innovation Showcase. This FREE event will consist of a wide variety of companies that will be showcasing the latest advances in accessibility technology and assistive devices. By attending, you will be meeting 50 innovative accessibility technology companies with high investment potential. As an attendee, you will see demonstrations of the latest technologies helping improve the quality of lives of people with disabilities— including prosthetics, specialized applications, and personalized robotics.

Mozzaz will be participating in this showcase presenting our patient engagement solution, Mozzaz Care, which helps individuals with chronic illnesses and disabilities actively participate in their own health care needs more effectively. So mark your calendars for this opportunity to experience these 50 incredible advances in health care technology up close!

CoCentrix June3rd Webinar

Calling all Clinical Leads, Practitioners, CIOs, and Technical Leads! We invite you to join the teams at Bancroft, Mozzaz, and CoCENTRIX to learn how data collection is critical to transform care coordination and enhance the quality of care delivered to customers. The 90-minute webinar, which will take place on June 3rd at 2:00pm EST, will describe how Bancroft is supporting augmentative communication, learning, daily living skills, and behavioural therapy to develop treatment plans by implementing interactive, mobile consumer applications. The webinar will give viewers the chance to listen in as Bancroft shares their experiences of progressing towards the implementation of CARETILES; a personalized care solution for individuals with a chronic condition, disability, or behavioral health disorder that can be used to support one’s daily needs and enhance their overall quality of life. It is powered by Mozzaz for the CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform.

The tool for measuring true outcomes in healthcare− data collection− is no longer just an overhead, but rather is becoming a part of delivering quality health care. Bancroft is using technology to transform care coordination and quality delivered to consumers. Hear from Adam Berr, Director Business Transformation at Bancroft; Robert Stokes, Project Manager at Bancroft; and Rini Gahir, Co-Founder and Vice President at Mozzaz, as the three combine their passion and personal experience to show viewers the revolutionary practice of data collection that will take the healthcare sector by storm.

Sound good so far? Here’s what you’d be learning as an attendee during the 1.5 hour executive web briefing:

  • How true consumer engagement in ID/DD and behavioral health services is helping drive outcomes
  • The benefits in “closing the clinical loop” with integration to electronic health records and care plans
  • The clinical advantages of capturing data and observations at the “point-of-care” with consumers

Another thing worth mentioning− this webinar is FREE! So be sure to register at openminds.com to prevent missing out on this opportunity.