Completing a thorough safety sweep of the home is an important part of keeping an at-risk person safe. You are looking for anything that may be used as a weapon to cause self-harm. These items should be removed from the home or locked away so that the person at risk cannot access them. It should be noted that this is not an all inclusive list of items but a detailed listing to provide guidance in addressing safety concerns in your home. For an online tutorial about means restriction please visit:


Guns, ammunition
Heavy tools

Knives and Sharp Objects

Kitchen knives (steak knives, cooking knives, butter knives)
Cleavers, blade-type cheese cutters, 2-prong turning forks, skewers
Plastic toothpicks, plastic eating utensils
Pocket knives, or sport knives (for hunting and fishing)
Decorative knives or swords
Razor blades, including disposables
Manicuring tools, metal callous remover
Hand mirrors
Glass – picture frames, figurines, and other decorative items
Light bulbs
CDs or CD cases
Paper clips, pins (safety pins, etc.), needles
Pencils and pens
Nails and screws
Tools – awl, screwdriver, hammer, saw, ax, hatchet


ALL medications- prescribed and over the counter
Cleaning and laundry products
Paint and solvents – turpentine, thinner, oils, lighter fluid
Lighters, matches, candles

Choking Hazards

Shoelaces, belts
Chains, necklaces
Electrical and detachable cords
Window blind/curtain cords
Bed linens and clothing
Plastic bags