Mozzaz Care App Setup Guide (Android)

Downloading and Installing Mozzaz Care Pro
Logging into the Mozzaz Care application
Troubleshooting - Missing Linked Page

Downloading and Installing Mozzaz Care Pro

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on the device and search for "Mozzaz Care Pro". Click on it in the results and then press Install.
    redo 0027 Picture1
    redo 0026 Picture2

  2. Click on Accept.
    redo 0025 Picture3

  3. Once the app has downloaded and installed click Open to launch the app.
    redo 0024 Picture4

Logging into the Mozzaz Care application

  1. Enter the username and password for your account, then tap Login.
    redo 0022 Picture6

  2. The first time that you login you will see the screen below. Choose your account (the account you intend to use on the device) from the list.
    redo 0021 Picture7

  3. Click on Select All then Continue.
    redo 0019 Picture9

  4. Click on Continue on the next two screens.
    redo 0018 Picture10
    redo 0017 Picture11

Troubleshooting - Missing Linked Page

Follow these steps if you see the "Missing linked page" message after logging in.

  1. Tap on Edit Mode in the lower left corner of the screen.
    redo 0004 picture500

  2. Press Accounts in the upper left corner and select the account you are using.
    redo 0003 Picture501

  3. Press Select All then Download.
    redo 0002 Picture502
    redo 0001 Picture503

  4. Check off the Include Tile Settings box and press Download.
    redo 0010 Picture18

  5. Press Overwrite All.
    redo 0009 Picture19

  6. When the download is complete press Okay.
    redo 0008 Picture20

  7. Press Home to return to the home page.
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